Review of Barcrest Games’ Lucky 5 Reeler Online Slot


Here’s a new one from Barcrest games collection of online slots. Unlike most of their normal slot games this unique set of reels has something slightly different to offer the players who spin her reels. Still a 5 reel, 10 pay line slot game the twist in Lucky 5 Reeler slot is that instead of betting on just the one spin, players bet on a cumulative 5 spins where after each the winning symbols lock in place and create more chance for more wins in each progressive spin. This can create some rather intense win combinations.

The theme of this slot is luck oriented, with several symbols and a backdrop that supports this thematically. The sound effects and graphics are not overwhelming like many of Barcrest games’ slots, but the overall atmosphere and experience is still an adventure. Unfortunately for players this slot doesn’t have any bonus features apart from Wilds, however despite this a few winning combinations, especially with the Wilds, can really stack up over the 5 consecutive spins.

Theming About and Symbols in 5 Reeler

With a luck themed slot like this one, where the premise for winning the biggest wins rotates around the luck factor, this theme makes for a great combination experience. The sound effects may largely be slot machine sounds but coupled with the creatively designed symbols on the reels and even the bits if backdrop visible makes for an otherwise immersive engagement. Like most themes however it is the symbols on the reels that marks this theme out.

Of the list of available symbols the few that genuinely integrate into the theme are the likes of a black cat symbol, a four leaf clover and the outline of lady luck. There are also a while assortment of playing card symbols running from 10 to Ace, with a coherent theme association. The only bonus symbol of Lucky 5 Reeler slot is the Wild and this is represented by the logo of the slot symbol.

The layout of the Slot and Wilds

With 5 consecutive spins for each bet the layout of this Lucky 5 Reeler slot could have been all sorts of things in order to make this setup work. Fortunately Barcrest games have been doing this a while and their design skills were hardly strained as they set about this task. On the face of it players will discover 1 large set of reels and above it place for 4 smaller sets. As each set of reels is spun, the wins tallied and importantly locked in place, the next set takes to the stage and the current one moves to one of the empty real money pokies above. During these spins the overall wins are recorded neatly below, so players know where they stand throughout the 5 sets of reels. After each of the 5 has been spun the amounts won are tallied and awarded.

The Wild symbol of Lucky 5 Reeler may be the only bonus symbol but with this slot’s layout and gameplay can be one of the most rewarding symbols. Just imagine hitting a whole bunch of these in the first spin and getting all of theme then locked for the other 4. Definitely a potentially profitable slot experience.

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