A Simple Guide to Betting On Beach Volleyball

A Simple Guide to Betting On Beach Volleyball


Beach Volleyball is a popular sport that is essentially an outdoor version of volleyball. It is an Olympic level sport that can be played by both men and women.

An online sport betting allows you to stay up to date with all the latest Beach Volleyball events and place real money wagers on them.

You get access to even more betting options than you would find at a brick and mortar bookmaker. You can place single bets, spread bets or future bets.

The highlight of online sports betting is however the range of proposition bets that are available to sports betting site members.

The Diffrences Between Beach And Indoor Matches

Beach Volleyball features a few differences when compared to indoor volleyball. Firstly the playing surface is sand and not clay.

Outdoor volleyball features a smaller court and there is no designated attack line on the sand court. Teams are smaller with only two players allowed on court.

Matches are played as a best of three set and open hand touches are illegal, with the exception of a block at the net.

Sides are switched after every 7 points, with 21 points being the maximum score needed to be declared a winner of a set in Beach Volleyball.

The Benefits Of Betting Online

If you are a member of an online sports betting site, you can get access to great wagers that feature great odds.

Sports betting sites put the world of Beach Volleyball betting at your finger tips. You get up to date event results as well as team information and reminders of notable upcoming events.

Once you download a sports betting app, you will be able to place real money wagers using your mobile phone or any other mobile device. Simply click the app and open your account to place wagers.

This means you can be at the beach, having some drinks and then decide you are in the mood for some real money Beach Volleyball betting action, then simply place your bets using your phone or tablet. No fuss or middle men, you decide what the best online sports betting wagers to make when and then sit back and await the latest results of the event.

The Volleyball Federations

The main Beach Volleyball body is the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball. They regulate international volleyball.

Countries also have individual bodies that further regulate the sports including USA Volleyball, Asian Volleyball Confederation, Confédération Africaine de Volleyball , European Volleyball Confederation and more.

These organisations compile international rankings and host national events to determine which teams are the best in the individual leagues.

International Volleyball Events

Beach Volleyball is considered an Olympic level event and has features in Olympic Games like the South Pacific Games and the Asian Games. It also features in the Swatch Major Series, the Pan American Games and many more events.

Online sports betting means you have access to a whole world of exciting volleyball betting action. You can wager in a variety of currencies, although American Dollars and Euros are the most widely accepted currencies.

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