Net Entertainment’s Evolution Slots Game                              

Net Entertainment is the gaming house behind the Evolution slots game, a game that is based on the evolutionary process and is set about five million years ago. The game itself features graphics of a high quality, in addition to 3D animation sequences, to heighten the game play experience.

The Evolution video slots game is comprised of five reels, three rows, twenty pay lines, and ten different bet levels. Players may adjust these in order to suit their pocket and playing experience. Once all the desired coin denomination, pay lines, and number of coins to be bet have been set, players will proceed to spin the reels and have the chance to land winning combinations and access the bonus features. Winning combinations are formed when players land matching symbols on an active pay line and will be taken from the left to the right. In contrast to the standard top to bottom spin, the Evolution video slots game features a bottom to top reel spin. The Evolution video slots game also features three bonuses, including the wilds and the free spins.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbols of the Evolution video slots game may only appear on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels. They may appear during both the base game and the Evolution bonus game. The wild symbols operate as per usual in that they may be used to substitute any of the other symbols, except for the free spin symbols. In substituting other symbols, the wild symbols may help players complete as yet incomplete pay lines and create the best possible winning combinations with the highest payouts.

Free Spins Mode

The free spin mode in the Evolution video slots game may be activated when the free spin symbols land anywhere on the reels. If players land two free spin symbols, they will receive a two-time multiplier on their bet placed. If players land three free spin symbols, they will receive a four time multiplier on their bet as well as ten free spins. If players land four free spin symbols, they will receive a twenty time multiplier on their bet and fifteen free spins. Finally, if players land five free spin symbols, they will receive a one hundred time multiplier on the bet placed as well as twenty free spins.

All free spins are played with the same bet level as was in place in the spin that first triggered the free spins mode. The free spins mode cannot be re-activated and no additional free spins are up for grabs.

Bonus Game

The Evolution video slots bonus game will be triggered during the free spins mode if players land a winning symbol combination. Players will first receive the payout of the winning combination. After that, all the symbols in the winning combination and all matching symbols on the reel will ‘evolve’ to the next level from simple single-cell organisms to higher evolved and complex organisms. The more evolved organisms will come with higher payouts. The evolved organisms will remain fixed on the reels until a new winning combination is formed or until the free spins mode has come to an end.

If players land simultaneous winning combinations on the reels, the symbols of each of these winning combinations will evolve independently. The evolution process will only be applied to the highest symbol of each group. Wild symbols cannot evolve to the next level during the Evolution video slots bonus game.


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