Getting to know the Variations of Blackjack


If you love blackjack, you may already realize there are more than one variation that you can play either online or offline at many different casinos. On the other hand, if you only know how to play one type of blackjack you are missing out on other ways to win big.


At this time if you visit an online casino you will find three other hot variations which include Blackjack switch, multi hand blackjack, and European blackjack.


Blackjack switch is one that are dealt two hands and can switch the second card you receive with the other hand. Most card games including blackjack this would actually be considered cheating, but not in blackjack switch. To learn more about the rules of this game as they are different according to where you play online or offline. In live blackjack switch games you will find the game using 6 decks online and 8 offline. All players will receive two hands and have the ability to bet on both hands, equally. If the dealer just happens to get a ten or an Ace they are allowed to peek at the face down card to see if they have blackjack, if so all players lose unless one player also has a 2 card blackjack but it would be a tie between that player and the dealer.


Multi hand blackjack is played with five decks with players allowed up to five hands each game. Players are allowed to double but are not allowed to split again or double after they have done the first split. There is no surrender allowed in multi hand blackjack but the no peek is a set rule including the dealer that does not check his hole card until the end of each hand.


European Blackjack is played with two decks and players are not allowed to double down or re split after the first split. The no peek is used, players are allowed to surrender and only one hand can be played at a time instead of like the other ones where players can bet on each hand they are playing at the same time.


The hardest thing about blackjack is understanding when you should hit, stand, split, surrender or double. Your choices will need to be made once you learn how the dealer must play. In most casinos, the dealer must receive a hit if his or her cards add up to 16 and must stand on 17 or higher.


If you are able to count the cards as they are being dealt, you will also have a better chance of betting properly. Once you know how many decks are being used you may be able to figure out how many face cards are left to be dealt, which could give you an advantage. On the other hand, in offline casinos, if you get caught counting cards, you will be removed from the table and oftentimes the entire casino, as this is considered cheating.

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