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Overview of Gift Shop Online Slots Game

When it comes to online slots games, there are often plenty of them that are based on a number of different themes in order to appeal to different sectors of the market. While some of them are based on themes of fantasy and take players on a whole new adventure, others subscribe to a simpler theme and structure. Play ‘n’ Go, an online casino games developer, has created a few slots games that give players the chance to focus entirely on spinning the reels and not so much on the theme or any accompanying extra features or side games that can come from it. One such game is Gift Shop.

A Fast Paced Game

While Gift Shop may not have any huge, innovative feats driving it, it still offers players an experience akin to that which they would find in a traditional casino. Because this game doesn’t redirect them to smaller side games or offer a variety of features to change it up a bit, it makes for a fast-paced game that is exciting in its own right. Players who want to focus solely on spinning the reels and reaping the rewards that these bring will delight in this game, as it allows them to do just that.

Symbols To Look Out For

The symbols adorning the reels of Gift Shop are representative of exactly what one would expect to find in the kind of store after which the game was named. These include a box of chocolates, a rose and a teddy bear. However, perhaps the most important symbol for players to take note of is that of the diamond ring, which is presented in a gift box. While the game itself does not offer plenty of features, this symbol acts as a wild one. So when it appears alongside two other matching symbols, it is able to complete the spin and form a matching, winning combination.

Sustained Playing Makes For Bigger Wins

Gift Shop online slots game is ideal for players who prefer to bet modestly over a sustained period of time, as this is where players will be able to see significant rewards. By playing one coin per spin, a winning combination will secure a win of 200 coins. Two coins will see a win of 400 coins. However, should players wish to raise the stakes a little bit, by betting three coins per spin, should three of the diamond ring symbols appear in a combination, players will be rewarded the jackpot. The value of this jackpot is present on the screen at all times.

It is also worth mentioning that Gift Shop online slots game can be accessed from a number of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. The fact that this game is such a simple one means that it translates perfectly across all platforms and functions optimally on each of them. All in all, this game is one that players of every level can enjoy, as it is easy to understand and makes for an enjoyable experience.

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