Taking a Deeper Look at iPad Sic Bo

Taking a Deeper Look at iPad Sic Bo


Those unfamiliar with the modern casino game of sic bo should imagine it as a type of craps played with three dice instead of two. It’s based on a centuries-old Chinese tile game of the same name, and like most great gambling games, it uses a simple concept that produces complex possibilities to make betting exciting. The shooter throws all three dice simultaneously, and players can bet on the total being high or low, or on a specific total, or a certain combination.

The “big” or “small” bets, being pretty much a 50/50 chance, will offer the lowest payouts, whereas payouts on the various combos and specific totals are set higher according to the casino’s calculation of the odds. As more and more casino games enthusiasts discover the convenience and authentic casino atmosphere that is delivered by their favourite games especially coded for optimum play on a specific device, iPad sic bo is becoming a popular choice. Both players who enjoy no-risk games purely for fun and those who prefer to bet real money are catered for online, so whether or not they bet real money on the game is up to them.

Download or Browse, as You Prefer

There are a number of downloadable apps that offer iPad sic bo, both free and to buy. Other mobile casinos will offer iPad sic bo play directly on-site via the iPad’s browser, so players who don’t want to download any more apps don’t have to. Whichever they prefer, the iPad’s large, intuitive touchscreen and its excellent sound and graphics reproduction combine to deliver a genuine casino experience.

Playing Sic Bo

Like difference in wagering at cycling betting sites sometimes, there will be slight variations in the betting rules and the payout multiples on specific combos from casino to casino, so it makes sense for players to study the betting and payout tables carefully whenever they begin playing iPad sic bo at a new casino. But with hundreds of online casinos to choose from, a little comparison shopping is easy enough, even for sic bo fans who enjoy betting for real. Most real-money casinos offer welcome bonuses and other frequent promotional incentives. These allow players free bets on specific games, while still allowing them to keep any winnings they accrue (although terms and conditions will apply, particularly to the rule under which players are allowed to withdraw winnings).

So even players who bet real money don’t always have to risk their own bankrolls, and experienced players will be registered at several mobile casinos. This allows them a daily menu of free bonus packages, which often include free iPad sic bo bets, from which to pick the best deal and get maximum play with minimum risk.

iPad Sic Bo Puts You in Charge

As all owners will know, one of the iPad’s most attractive features is its ability to be a one-stop entertainment centre. As long as there is signal to support a 3G or 4G connection, the device offers endless options for play, whenever and wherever they feel like a diversion. Avid casino games players who enjoy the rattle of dice are discovering that iPad sic bo is one of those playtime options, and it can provide hours of fun.

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