Joker Poker MH


Serious Poker With An Additional Joker in MultiHand Joker Poker

Joker Poker MH is a unique video poker game from Play’n Go software. It is played with a standard 52 card deck but also adds the joker card into the mix to act as a wild symbol. The joker will complete any standard poker hand by acting as the missing card.

You can play with up to 52 hands in this version of Joker Poker MH. You can play Joker Poker MH on both desktop and mobile devices, but just be careful how many hands you choose to play with, on a mobile device, you will only have so much screen real estate to work with. Play’n Go software has included options in the menu tab to change your play area’s size, but it is possible to encumber your screen to much with too many hands. It is simpler to start with the standard three hands and then work your way up. The display screen includes the standard menu option, the deal and wager options as well as a very handy wager and odds display at the top of the screen. A clean and colourful display that suits the game plays perfectly and makes wagers and play a joy.

How To Play Joker Poker MH

When you start play you will be prompted to click the deal button, you will receive 5 initial cards and the rest of the deck spread face down on the table. From the five you receive you can select any amount to keep. Just click on the ones you want to keep, they will become highlighted once you select them. If you click deal again the cards you do not want will be reshuffled into the deck and replaced by other cards. Standard poker hands apply for a winning hand and any hand with at least a pair will receive a win.

The In Game Wager Structure

You are able to select the value of your in game coins at any point in the game. You can increase or decrease their value. They start at a minimum of $0.01 per coin, to a maximum value of $0.25 per coin. The wagering limit on each hand is 5 coins. The fact that you can play multiple hands per game means that you can play a low wager game and still get decent wins from each round. Not to mention the inclusion of the joker will means the odds are tipped in your favour. If you manage to hit a 10, jack, queen, king and ace the entire same suit, i.e. a royal flush, you will receive a 10 000 times your wager payout.

The Joker Wild Card Variations

In Joker Poker MH your winnings are determined by the odds of the hand you achieve. The hands are ranked according to standard poker rankings. With the addition of the joker wild there are some variations on the standard hand set though. You can now turn a simple pair into a three of a kind, by for instance having two jacks and a joker. Getting a joker in your initial draw will mean an instant high card pair. You will also be able to hit a five of a kind hand by getting four of a kind as well as the joker card.

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