Rock ‘N Roller


Rock ‘N Roller Vintage-Style Online Slot

Online gaming software developer, Playtech has gone back to basics with its three-reel, five-payline online slot, Rock ‘N Roller. In the authentic tradition of the original Las Vegas fruit machines, Rock ‘N Roller has no additional bells and whistles – no bonus games, no scatter symbol, no wild symbol – just three reels and Lady Luck… and an auto play function.

The Rock ‘N Roller Jukebox

The sound and graphics on the Rock ‘N Roller slot are a little more detailed than its game play, although Playtech has continued to keep it clean and streamlined here with no real animations.

The appropriately vintage Rock N Roller theme is Rock and Roll music, with the reels set in a classic 1950s jukebox console. While toe tapping tunes from the era play in the background, the Rock N Roller reels spin to land combinations of gold and platinum records, harmonicas, drums, and electric guitar symbols. Whenever any of the instruments is involved in a winning payline, its particular musical sound briefly interrupts the soundtrack.

Paytable and Betting Limits

Rock ‘N Roller is really ideal for inexperienced slots players because of its incredibly simple three-reel format and game play as well as the very basic paytable payout system. Because the game has only three reels, five paylines and a handful of symbols, calculating Rock ‘N Roller payouts is very easy.

The Rock ‘N Roller coin values on offer range between 0.01 and 5.00 and players may wager a maximum of one coin per payline to a maximum of five coins per spin. Each coin wagers activates another of the five paylines and winnings are then multiplied by players’ selected coin value.

Unlike those in modern five-reel slots, all winning Rock ‘N Roller combinations come in threes on an active payline and pay out as follows:

  • Three gold record symbols: 150 coins
  • A combination of any three record symbols (gold and platinum): 100 coins
  • Three guitar symbols: 50 coins
  • Three harmonica symbols: 40 coins
  • Three drum symbols: 25 coins
  • A combination of any three instrument symbols (guitar, harmonica, drum): 5 coins
  • Three blank symbols: 2 coins

In the Rock ‘N Roller online slot, platinum records are the most valuable of all symbols and payouts occur when three of appear together on an active payline. These payout differ depending on which payline is landed:

  • Payline 1: 400 coins
  • Payline 2: 475 coins
  • Payline 3: 550 coins
  • Payline 4: 625 coins
  • Payline 5: 700 coins – the Rock N Roller slot game jackpot.

Modern Rock ‘N Roller Touches

Whilst Playtech have held fast to their objective of a truly old-school slots experience in almost every respect, there are a few useful modern touches to Rock N Roller too – the game is, after all, online.

In addition to the standard max bet button, which allows players to instantly select the maximum wager per spin, and easy access to a separate paytable information page, Rock ‘N Roller features an auto play function.

Auto play allows Rock ‘N Roller players to leave the spinning to the computer for a while once the wager has been set and the player is content to leave it at that until further notice. The Rock ‘N Roller auto play setting is adjustable and players can decide how many spins they want to do automatically or can programme it auto play to stop at a given point – for example, if a certain amount of money has been either won or lost.

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