Types of Rugby World Cup Online Betting Markets Available To Players

Types of Rugby World Cup Online Betting Markets Available To Players


The eighth Rugby World Cup took place in England in 2015, with the first match kicking off on September 18 at Twickenham. Punters who decided to join the fun by laying wagers on the many markets provided at established; legitimate; trustworthy online bookmakers followed their teams very closely over the past few years in order to ensure they were making the best betting choices in terms of teams’ players; form; and previous win-rate, and many saw enormous returns.

There are a number of different Rugby World Cup betting markets available, and many areas for interested punters from anywhere in the world to place bets on, although the number and variety of these will vary depending on which online bookmaker the punter eventually decides to sign up with. The most popular bets at most, however, are:

  • Outright winner
  • Team to reach the semi-finals; quarter finals; and finals
  • Betting without the favourite

The Outright Winner Rugby World Cup Online Wager

As the name may well suggest, the Outright Winner wager has the punter placing a bet on who he or she thinks will triumph in a specific match; tournament or outcome. During the Rugby World Cup this can include the option to bet on the overall winner of the tournament –for example, New Zealand’s team may have odds of 11/8 for winning the Cup, and punters can choose to back the favourite, or take a chance on an underdog in the hopes of a larger profit on a successful bet as you would when you take part in NRL bets online.

All of these wagers are based on the final outcome of the tournament, and will only pay out successful punters then. The further ahead in time that the bettor makes the wager the better the odds will be, because the bigger the lead up to the final game the outcome of which the punter’s money is riding on the higher the risk he or she will be taking.

Team to Reach Semi-Finals, Quarter Finals or Finals

When it comes to Rugby World Cup Team to Reach Semi-Finals; Quarter Finals; or Finals bets, punters are asked to lay a wager on which team he or she feels will reach each of the stages this tournament is made up of.

For example, the betting odds for the English team could be at 6/4 to reach the finals, and the Irish team’s chances of getting through to the semi-finals could be at 4/7. Again, the earlier on the punter makes this bet, the better the odds he or she will be able to enjoy.

Betting Without the Favourite Rugby World Cup Wagers

The Betting Without the Favourite Rugby World Cup wager, also known as Betting Withouts, means that punters whose team is not the favourite for the win can still get a good price for supporting them.

For example, should a bettor have South Africa pegged for the Rugby World Cup win, Betting Without New Zealand would mean this market would have South Africa at 4/1 betting odds as opposed to 5/1 if New Zealand’s team were factored in.

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