About Spoof

Spoof is a game of strategy that is often used as a means of making bets and wagers. Mainly played in pubs and bars, the loser of Spoof has to buy the winner a round of drinks. The game originated from around 1959. A version involving three coins is also played, and is known as Three Coin.

Spoof Gameplay

Spoof can be played by small to large number of players, and the game itself is split up into rounds. During the rounds, players have to try and guess how many coins are being held by the other players. At the start of every round, the players are allowed to hold the coins in their hands without looking at them, and they use this initial information to try and guess the number of coins there are. The value of the coins, as well as the colouring or size does not matter, as the objective of the game is try and guess the number of coins there are closely as possible.

Once all players have held the coins, a guesser is chosen, and the guesser needs to try and decide how many coins are being held by the others. The chance to guess goes around the room in a clockwise fashion, so everyone involved in the game gets a chance to try and guess how many coins there are. Once all the players have had their turn, all players’ open their hands and the group then counts the coins.

The player who has correctly guessed how many coins there are is eliminated from the game, and gets to stand back and watch. This carries on until there is only one player left, and this is the player that loses Spoof and is required to purchase a round of drinks for everyone else. While the game does not have many rules, this can vary from region to region. Some rules may include that the winner does not have the right to brag if they’ve not lost the game.

Spoof is considered a fair game, as the number of coins that are present can be guessed correctly by anyone playing.

Spoof Tournaments

The United Kingdom holds tournaments of the game of Spoof, with its 41st anniversary being held in 2015. The national championships can take place all over Europe and the United Kingdom, with one championship being held in London, and another in Amsterdam. There has even been a championship held in Bangkok during 2014.

Winners of the Spoof championships receive a personal title that they can hold on to until another player manages to best them at the game. Since it is a game of chance with a small mix of strategy, everyone playing has as fairly good chance of becoming the next champion. The current champion is Geoff Walker, and will defend his title in 2016.

Spoof in Conclusion

While there are thousands upon thousands of professional casino games all across the world, there are many that are still very casual in some regard, such as spoof. Spoof continues to be played every day.


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