Caribbean Stud Poker


Origins of Caribbean Stud Poker

The game of poker, as we know it, developed from many ancient games played in Europe and Asia, such as Primera in Spain, Poque in France, Pochen in Germany, and Brag in England. In the early three card game, you had hands like three of a kind, pairs or three of the same suit, which was called a Flux in those days, and which we now call a Flush. In the 1700s the game incorporated betting, and the option of bluffing was added.

Poker Very Popular First in the South of USA

It seems that the game was brought to the United States also about the 1700s, with the French soldiers and settlers in the South. The game has always been very popular in the southern states, and it has been mentioned in several journals and letters. Even when it was still illegal, poker was played in secret venues. In the early 1900s Nevada and Las Vegas was able to bring back many poker games. In 1930 Caribbean stud poker was back in the Nevada casinos.

The Beginnings of This Game

We do, however, know where the game of Caribbean stud poker began. We know it began in the Caribbean Islands, and we even know that it was first played on one of the cruise ships that frequently sailed those waters. After its start on the cruise ships it was brought to America and land casinos started offering the game to their players. Caribbean stud poker is not the best form of poker to play, as the odds are not in the players’ favour. In fact, it was about this time that the progressive jackpot option was added to make the game more appealing to the casino customers. The bonus is indeed an attraction, but Caribbean stud poker is still more popular at online casino sites where the odds are better.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

In Caribbean stud poker, the aim is simply to beat the dealer, not any of the other players. The bonus payout for winning the bet against the dealer is only one of many winning options in this game.

Caribbean Stud poker can be played by up to seven players, one dealer and the standard 52 card pack. A special casino table is used that is similar to the blackjack style table. The table layout contains of three distinctive betting spots for the player. The first spot is for the ante, the second for the called bet, which is double the ante, and the third spot is there for the optional progressive jackpot bet. Regardless of the number of the players, Caribbean stud poker means an effective one on one game against the dealer. Therefore, unlike other forms of poker, playing Caribbean Stud Poker means not having to be concerned about the other players’ cards.

A player can reduce the house edge in Caribbean stud poker. As a general rule, you should never fold with any pair that you are dealt, and always fold with anything less than Ace-King. That is basic strategy for playing this game. If a player’s cards beat the dealer’s cards, the player will receive even money on the ante.

Caribbean stud poker is a fast and high action game, with several ways of winning.

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