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Dead Pool Betting is Taking Over

Dead pool betting is proving to be a very compulsive pastime for bettors hailing from the United States of America and around the world and it involves placing wagers on which celebrity will be the next one to die. This type of gambling is also known as a ghoul pool, and relies heavily on punters doing enough research, although their materials consist of the world’s gossip columns; celebrity magazines and tabloid articles.

How to Start Dead Pool Betting

Dead pool betting is very easy to start doing, with each person taking part simply paying an agreed-upon amount of money into a pot, or kitty, and making ten selections for which celebrities they feel will pass on sooner rather than later. For each celebrity on the list who dies within a year from the start of the pool the player will score points: ten points for the number one choice; nine points for the number two; and so on.

The game’s controller is called the stiffmaster, and he or she may create additional incentives for creative lists. Bonus schemes like an extra ten points being awarded if a punters pick is more than 80-years old when they die or under 30-years old when they pass on can be introduced.

Another variant is the sharing of a dead pool points pool according to the amount of players that have made the same selections. In this version of the game players who opt for celebrities more than likely to pass on before the year is through will gain fewer points if these more obvious choices do die. While not Russian, betting on these odds can have elements of online roulette games!

The rules differ widely from pool to pool, but one of the most well-known versions of dead pool betting is available at It is also very simple to get involved in this way: punters pay $15 to get in on the game; scoring is based on a ten-for-one and one-for-ten basis as outlined above, and the winners of the game will receive their portions of the pool. The stiffmaster has a list of celebrities unlikely to make it another 12 months, but entrants by punters may also be submitted for approval. Any nominations that do not make it will not be substituted however, and unlucky punters will then be left with only nine names on their list.

Variations of Dead Pool Betting

There is a more complicated version of dead pool betting available from Deadpool.Rotten.Com, albeit with a simpler one-for-one scoring system and a new game being made available every 30 days.

Stiffmasters are able to implement rules as they like, with some of the most popular including:

  1. Punters taking part may not murder any of the celebrities on their list.
  2. No condemned prisoners may be nominated.
  3. Items of information like recently diagnosed terminal illnesses should be shared between punters.

Punters are responsible for ensuring that their chosen celebrities are still alive at the time the list is being drawn up, and these individuals do have to officially be declared dead –near-death experiences don’t count for a win.

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