Double Diamond


Double Diamond Slots Game

The Double Diamond slots game is quite a simple type of slots game, offering 3 playing reels. In conjunction with the low wagering requirements, this simple game appeals to players who don’t necessarily want all of the fancy graphics and bonus games that are becoming more and more common in other modern online slots games. The Double Diamond payout percentage is between 85% and 98%. This slots game also offers a multiplier feature which can give players the opportunity to win up to 4x their bet.

Of all the games that are offered by International Game Technologies, Double Diamond slots is one of the simplest games.  The 3 reels offer a single pay line, so there is nothing too complicated for players to figure out. The maximum bet that can be placed in this slots game is only 3 coins, but the maximum prize that can be won is 2500 coins. For players who enjoy the traditional types of slots games, you will recognize symbols such as the Bar symbol, the number 7 symbol, and also triple and double bar symbols. There is also a Double Diamond logo symbol, as well as the famous cherry symbols.

Double Diamond Main Jackpot

As might be expected, the game symbol is the highest paying symbol in this slots game. If it appears three times on the winning pay line, the player can win up to 2,500 coins. Players should take note that the Double Diamond slot game can be played in multiple denominations, and offers a second highest payout of 1,600 coins.

For full details on all the game symbols, as well as the winning combinations, players should refer to the paytable that goes along with the game. This will indicate all of the winning combinations, and what players can win from matching up certain symbols. Even though this is a very simple game with only 3 reels, there are actually still 27 different ways for players to win.

Players have the option of playing the game in real money mode, or otherwise first trying it out in free or no deposit mode. Because no money has to be spent to play it in no deposit mode, this is a great way to try out the game to see if you like it.

Double Diamond Win Multiplier

Designed specifically to be a clean and simple slots game, Double Diamond slots does not offer a whole range of bonus features and mini games. This makes it easy to understand, and quick to learn how to play. However, the game does offer a wild symbol, which is also the game logo. As players will know, the wild symbol is able to replace other symbols, and in so doing can potentially create new winning combinations. If the wild symbol appears on a winning payline, it can also act a win multiplier. The number of wild symbols that appear on the payline will determine the multiplier that is triggered. One wild symbol will mean that the player’s bet is multiplied by 2. However, two wild symbols will mean that the bet is multiplied by 4, which can quite dramatically increase a player’s winnings from an individual spin.

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