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Looking At From Vegas To Macau

Every now and then, a movie series comes along that garners so much support that its production house keeps on producing sequels and follow-ups. This is exactly the case with From Vegas to Macau. Also known as The Man from Macau, this Hong Kong-Chinese crime comedy is the fourth instalment in the God of Gamblers series. This movie was released in 2014 and saw a sequel titled From Vegas to Macau II released in 2015. The film, and indeed the series as a whole, did very well at the box office. Below, you will find more information on this movie.

The Cast

From Vegas to Macau has quite an exceptional cast, many of whom returned from the previous instalments in the series. Chow Yun-fat stars as Ken, Nicholas Tse as Cool, Chapman To as Ngau-Ngau, Jing Tian as Detective Luo Xin and Kimmy Tong as Rainbow. These are just a few names on the extensive cast list. All of the actors in this movie managed to garner up quite a lot of support from the public and their celebrity power certainly contributed to the massive ticket sales and in turn, revenue, that this film was able to enjoy.

The Plot

From Vegas to Macau has quite an intricate plot attached to it. From the beginning of the movie, we see Benz, his son Cool and his nephew Ngau-Ngau form a Robin-Hood-like team. They are vigilantes who rob mobsters in the middle of the night and then give all of their findings to the poor. As a sub-plot, Bez’s wife is ill with cancer and knows absolutely nothing about what her husband, son and nephew get up to. Unbeknownst to all four of them, Lionel, Benz’s stepson, is a police officer working on an undercover assignment for a massive company called DOA. However, we later discover that DOA is actually just a cover for a massive crime syndicate headed up by Mr Ko, the movie’s super villain.

As the film progresses, we see police detectives from Macau, China and Hong Kong all come together to take down Mr Ko. This movie has several twists and turns as well, and a lot of it takes place within the glamourous world of casinos.

Box Office Success

On its opening day alone, From Vegas to Macau grossed a total of RMB24.8 million, which covverts to roughly US$12.5 million. By the end of its run in China, the movie has amassed a total of RMB523 490 000 (US$84 570 000). Additionally, in Hong Kong, the movie made HK$33 557 657, or UD$4 324 184. These numbers are quite impressive, especially considering the fact that this film was already the fourth one in the series.

All in all, From Vegas to Macau has everything that audiences could possibly want from a movie. With plenty of excitement following the story of Benz and his crew, as well as great production value, this movie comes highly recommended, and its box office success speaks for itself.

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