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Late Betting Explained

Gambling, in all its forms, is a game based around a person making a prediction on an unknown outcome. Be it with cards, a white ball in a pocketed wheel, or a number of horses hurtling down a track, the game only works if the bet maker is unaware of what the ultimate outcome will be. For this reason it is extremely important that bet making is a controlled environment, especially considering the elaborate ways in which some people will try and beat the system.

In days of old it was not uncommon for unscrupulous individuals to try all sorts of tricks, which were easier to get away with before casino floors had video cameras and twenty four hour security. One such scam involved a team distracting the dealer and shifting betting chips on the roulette betting table, after the result had been announced.

After The Post

In horse racing it is absolutely essential that bets not be allowed after a race has officially started. This is because any amount of information may come to light once the horses have started running. Which horse seems to be lagging behind? Which seems to have an unusual burst of energy? For this reason, before a horse race starts an announcement is made that no more bets may be placed. This announcement is known as the post.

Any bet attempt being made after this announcement is referred to as after the post, or late betting, and is strictly forbidden. Likewise in roulette the dealer announces no more bets before dropping the ball into the roulette wheel, as any bet after the ball has been dropped may be influenced by a number of visual cues. Thankfully, in modern times no form of late betting will be tolerated, and betters insisting otherwise may well be ejected from the casino.

Modern Casino No Tolerance Rule

Since money is flying around on a ridiculous level in your average casino, many establishments adopt what is referred to as a no tolerance rule. This means, essentially, that even the slightest hint of suspicious behaviour from a customer, including attempts at late betting, result in swift action.

Security may not know if any scam or con is underway, but to avoid even the risk of unscrupulous behaviour act quickly and harshly, without hesitation. This has brought much criticism, and has even lead to a number of lawsuits, mostly because many casinos encourage guests to drink, be merry, and let go of inhibitions, which often helps loosen purse strings. To then descend brutally on guests that act suspicious seems horribly counterintuitive.

This precarious situation has resulted in some casinos banning drinking in the play area, annoying guests, while others implement strict codes of behaviour that likewise seem counterintuitive. The conclusion seems to be that a guest should simply be aware that casinos are looking for signs of suspicious activity, and simply abide by the rules. This means not hassling the dealer, not making any attempts at late betting, and not contesting game results once they are final. Up and above that, its probably also not a good idea to get completely drunk and pass out on the floor.

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