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Century Old Card Game Le Her

Card games are one of the earliest forms of strategic betting in the world. Since their advent these sheets of valued imagery have been adopted into many different types of games. Some of these games have spread throughout the world, the popularity of which has then blossomed to become almost common knowledge.

However it is not just the famous card games that should garner our attention, for with something as diverse and malleable as a deck of cards there are many, many games. One of the lesser-known card games is called Le Her and originated all the way back in early 18th century. This game is played with only two people and a 52 card deck with the King as the highest card and the Ace as the lowest. This is a fairly straightforward card game to learn and could hold some considerable action for some players.

Exploring How to Play Le Her

Since this game is played with only two people there are actually only a few rules to come to terms with before play can commence. For starters a rough structure needs to be laid out. Two players, one dubbed the dealer and the other the receiver. The game of Le Her begins with the dealer dealing a card face down to both themselves as well as the receiver. At this stage it is the receiver’s turn to make a move, with the option to either exchange their card with that of the dealer or not. This exchange will be nullified however if the dealer holds a King, the highest valued card in the game.

Whether the receiver chooses to exchange their card or not it is then the dealer’s turn to exchange their card. This is again a choice and if selected the dealer exchanges their card with the top card of the remaining deck. Again, if this top card is a King then the exchange is nullified and the dealer sticks.

This is the culminating point, because when both exchanges are done, whether successful or not, the dealer and receiver then compare the values of their cards to determine a winner. In the case of a tie the win goes to the dealer. What makes this game interesting is firstly the structure of the game, which with its specific order actually suggests that the receiver has the edge. Secondly there have been several breakthroughs regarding probability that have stemmed from games like this, propelling the field of statistics forward substantially. Rather impressive of the game Le Her.

 Responsible Online Gaming with Le Her

What makes the online world so impressive is that inevitably it allows the entire world to connect their cultures, hobbies and even card games. This means that players can find online sources in which they can experience and play games like Le Her and therefore enjoy gaming from all over the world directly to their computers, mobiles or tablets. Gaming has never been this diverse and full of potential.


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