Advantage gambling


Advantage Gambling

Since the birth of gambling there have been those who sought out a way to beat the system, and make money consistently over a period of time, without lost money staying lost. With many gambling games truly beating the system is virtually impossible, since the house edge will always keeps favour of the game in the player losing money, as apposed to winning it, if that player keeps gambling over a certain period of time.

There are, however, ways in which a gambler may truly beat the system, and turn gambling into a sustainable way to make money, known as advantage gambling. Some of these ways are completely illegal, and if a player is caught using them, they will result in that player being ejected from the casino and being banned from ever legally gambling again. There are, however, legal systems that may be used to beat the system, and although these systems are frowned on by casinos, are not considered to be illegal. Both legal and illegal methods are known as advantage gambling.

Card Counting

One Advantage gambling method known as card counting is considered cheating by casinos, and will result in harsh action on player’s who are caught using the system. It involves the player keeping track of how many cards are in the remaining deck, how many high cards have been played, and how many low cards have been played. By doing so, the player will gain an idea of which high cards or low cards are likely to still be played.

The method is extremely difficulty, and requires great skill on the part of those who use it, as well as astonishingly good memory. It is not a technique that can easily be used by the average gambler, but is still not accepted by casinos. There is a great deal of controversy about whether this does or does not amount to genuine cheating, since the player is not in any way altering the game, but simply playing the game differently to others.

If one considers how much a player may win using this method, however, you begin to understand that casinos can simply not let it transpire, or they would soon be out of business. It is logical on the part of casinos, therefore, to stop those who use it, and ban them from entering casinos again.

Edge Sorting

Edge sorting may not exactly be the most sophisticated way in which to get advantage gambling done, and has resulted in some players being sued by casinos, but there is still a lot of controversy on whether the system is or isn’t truly cheating. The player notices subtle differences on the backs of cards, in the seemingly indistinct designs that are used.

By taking note of the design differences, which are extremely difficult to spot, the player gradually learns which the high cards are, and which the low cards. The player may even ask the dealer to turn certain cards upside down, saying it has to do with superstition, but in fact is making the design differences easier to spot when the same card is again played. Eventually, as with card counting, the player will start to recognise if a low or high card is being played.

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